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Hi! I’m Ruth, mother of three lively boys aged 3, 9 and 12, allergy free cook and soon to be trainee teacher.  All three of my sons have multiple food allergies and two have Coeliac / Celiac Disease to boot. We have to avoid: wheat, barley, rye, egg, milk protein, soya, and celery which has been a challenge over the years but one which we’ve all risen to!  I have made it my purpose to experiment with ingredients in order to put food on the table that tastes really good – for both our family and for all our non food allergic friends.

I haven’t wanted to be wacky with ingredients over the years – but admire those who do create wondrous inventions with teff, quinoa, hemp and another interesting but more unusual ingredients.

Instead, I have focussed on using mainstream ingredients that can be found readily in most supermarkets so that pretty much anyone can cook my recipes. I have given them to grandparents and friends so that when we go to stay, they have been able to replicate recipes perfectly and I no longer have to take everything including the breadmaker with me!

When I am not cooking, I work in a school office and love the buzz you get from working in a school. So much so, that next September, I am going back to being a student for a year whilst I train to be a primary school teacher – and I can’t wait!

Between then and now, to keep myself occupied I am doing some website design (www.ruthburkedesign.co.uk) and starting this blog!

I really hope that you’ll give me your comments and feedback along the way – all will be appreciated. If you have questions you’d like answered, or would just like to tell me about something that maybe our wider audience might find useful, please do email me and let me know. I will do my utmost to publish as much as I can!

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