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Hello! Welcome to my Food Allergy Network blog. I’m not really very au fait with blogging – indeed this is the first time I’ve ever blogged, but having been bringing up and cooking for three children all with multiple food allergies for a number of years now, when a friend suggested I share some of the things I’ve learned along the way in a blog, I thought, “Why not?”.

So  here I am. I have this rather idealistic dream that this blog might be the start of local Food Allergy Network groups… I always think that would be nice for my boys… but that’s probably a little grand at the beginning!

What I hope for right now, is to get across to anyone visiting that having food allergies needn’t ruin your life. It’s easy to feel down when you can’t eat what you want to eat, and it can seem very unfair that you have to be so careful when all around you others munch away without a thought for the ingredients in their food.

Having had an egg allergy myself for most of my life and with three boys of 3, 9 and 12 all with majorly long lists of food allergies and Coeliacs disease, I can assure you that like most food allergy sufferers, I confess to having gone through what is probably best described as a grieving period, when first one, then two and finally all three of my boys were diagnosed. I cried over what they were going to miss out on and still occasionally even now have to force myself out of the doldrums when they ask for things they can’t have.

But long ago I decided to be positive, pick myself up, shake off the blues and force a change of attitude about it all.

This was a major turning point for the whole family. Instead of concentrating on what the boys couldn’t have, I started experimenting in the kitchen. I read all the books, blogs and recipes I could lay my hands on…and began. Over the years I have discovered ingredients I never knew existed and can arguably (according to my kind family and friends) turn out one of the best allergy free chocolate cakes, Dorset apple cakes and Rocky Road bars this side of the Atlantic! I even made a totally allergy free wedding cake last year!!

So, if you need a positive boost, have recently been diagnosed with food allergies or Coeliac Disease and want an upbeat community to join, this site may well be of interest.

Food Allergy Network (or FAN) has one very specific aim…to make you feel good about life. Think positively, experiment freely and wake up each morning knowing that today will be good!

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  1. I just found your site and I think it is a great idea to be positive about your allergies as they can get you down very easily.

    I suffer from Celiac disease and a milk allergy and I like the idea of recipes using regular ingredients that can be bought from the supermarkets. Can’t wait to see some up!

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