Toast or a biscuit anyone?

Having just spent time in hospital with No. 2 son, who had an emergency operation yesterday…I thankfully had the sense to grab the (gluten free) sandwich for him my mother rustled up as we dropped off No. 3 son to her. Had I not, then he would have been able to have….an apple. For that piece of fruit was the only thing on offer to him on the ward. Soup with milk, bread with gluten, fish with breadcrumbs (more gluten), macaroni cheese with milk, carrots served with the same spoon as served the fish fingers, yoghurt, ice cream and an apple! Not good when you’re allergic to wheat, milk, egg, soya and celery…

For all of you reading this who have multiple food allergies…I’m sure this will sound familiar. Why don’t hospitals have, at the very least, some options as back up for those with food allergies? Serving food with separate utensils would help.

I’m thinking I may write a letter….

Have you had a similar experience?


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