Hidden sources of milk protein

Cow's Milk protein sourcesAvoiding milk protein for those with a severe allergic response means knowing the different names milk proteins can be labelled as. Here is the Food Allergy Network list of terms to be familiar with.

Terms to watch out for:  

Butter/ butter fat / buttermilk / Lactaid milk / Lacteeze milk (tablets or drops are ok) 

Cow’s milk / pasteurized milk / dairy / Milk formula / yoghurt / whey / ghee

Skimmed milk (and powder) / Ice Cream / MIlk solids / milk fat

Casein / sodium and calcium caseinate / Lactalbumin / lactoglobulin

Evaporated milk / Lactose free milk / formula / Cream cheese / cheese

Sour cream / milk / Curds / Kosher symbol ‘D’

In addition to these terms, hidden milk protein can also be found in the following products:

Chewing gum – look out for the term Recaldent

Toothpaste – often those that say ‘whitening’ on the tube contain hidden milk protein

Soap, liquid handwashes and shampoos – especially those that say ‘creamy’ or ‘silky’. In the Uk, beware of the ‘Dove’ range. One of our son’s sucks his finger and if he washes his hangs in a Dove product can vomit for 36 hours afterwards due to the milk protein left on his hands even after rinsing.

Vegetable Wax – some vegetables are coated in wax to make them shiny, and this may contain milk protein…opt for unwaxed ones.

Medicines – check ingredients as a good number have lactose in them, and some milk protein

Keep safe and always check the labels even if you have been buying the product for years as manufacturers can and do change their ingredients without warning.


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